Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our Shade Sail Systems different?

We have the best warranty in the business along with the strongest shades available. Read below to learn more about what makes us different, our warranty information, and how to keep your shades looking their best.

How Our Poles are Installed

Poles are the foundation to a strong shade system and, with shades attached, our shade systems are designed to handle 65mph winds.
The poles CANNOT move at all to keep the shades tight. Keeping them tight not only makes them look great, it is essential to extend the life of the shades and keeping them secure during the storm.
The size of the poles is designed for your Shade System.
We take extra steps to ensure our pole footers are properly installed. Every footer is different for each shade system. For example, if you are using a 6″ pole, your hole will be 18″ to 24″ in diameter and 4′ to 5′ deep with rebar used to connect the pole with the pre-mixed concrete. We use a mixer to pre-mix your concrete. Premixed concrete should always be used!

How Our Shades are Made

We are an authorized Dealer for Shazeebo Shade Sails. There is more to a Shade Sail than just fabric. Shazeebo takes the extra steps to ensure our products will last. All our corners on our custom shades are double reinforced with seat belt webbing, stainless steel rings, and extra stitches. We also only use lifetime Gore Tenara thread which is the best thread you can get on the market.

The Fabric

Our shade sail fabric is made by Gail Pacific Commercial Products, the world leader in shade sail fabric. We use commercial 95 340 fabric and, for shades exceeding 40 feet in length, we use Heavy 430FR.

We also only use lifetime Gore Tenara thread, which is the best thread you can get on the market.

Your shade system will make the summer heat about 20 degrees cooler. But that is only part of the advantage of our shade sails. The UVA protection is up to 95.5%, which will keep you cool as well as protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.


All our hardware and cable is stainless steel.

Our exclusive safe and secure turnbuckles have a cotter pin in the bolt that prevents it from spinning out. This keeps the shades tight as well as safe from failing.

We also can add a worry-free safety wire to high wind areas and areas that safety is a concern. This wire is for added double protection. The wire is hard connected through the turnbuckle and directly to shade and pole with a shackle. In the unlikely event the turnbuckle fails, this will keep the shade connected to the pole and stop it from “flapping” and causing damage or injury.


You have a vision. An idea. An inkling of something beautiful, yet functional. Something to enhance your outdoor space and make it more enjoyable in the hot summer sun, more beautiful with bright, bold colors and shapes.

You’re in the right place. We can make your vision a reality. There are a lot of steps involved to make sure that your shade sails are done right. But we are here for you.

In the end, you’ll have beautiful shade for your outdoor space. We’ll have another happy customer.

Together, we can make something beautiful.

We Warranty the Entire Shade System

The fabric has a 10-year warranty through the manufacturer from fading and cosmetic issues caused during manufacturing. Note: This is where most warranties from other shade sail companies cease, but Shazeebo offers a lifetime workmanship warranty on all our custom shade sails. And we will handle the labor. The warranty does not cover damages caused by storms, flying debris, fire, animals, hail, earthquakes, vandalism, or misuse.

The hardware – shackles and turnbuckles – has a 10-year warranty failure.

The poles have a 10-year warranty from moving. In the case a pole does move and is under warranty, Emerald Coast Shade Sails has the right to tighten and/or adjust the sails to compensate for moving. The poles warranty does not cover damage caused by over 65mph winds, damage by mishaps like tree falling, vehicles hitting, misuse, etc. The poles are painted with professional oil-based primer then painted with professional grade oil-based paint and warrantied for one year. The pole will need to be maintained. The poles are not warrantied against surface rust.

Your Questions, Answered!

This is a frequent question and the short answer is yes! After we have installed them and set them up, you can take them down, but we do not recommend taking them down unless winds are expected to exceed 65mph. If a hurricane is forecasted for your area, we strongly do suggest to remove them from their poles. You do not need to take them down for summer storms or store them for the winter/off season. Our shades and shade systems are strong!

We will train you, your maintenance personnel and/or staff on the proper way to take them down!

IMPORTANT! Before you take anything down, you must first mark the shades where they go. They are custom fit and only work one way. Loosen the turnbuckles. You may need a ratchet strap for the first one or two connection points. After that you simply remove the bow shackles and lower the shade.

Yes, with a light detergent like simple green or there are products on the internet that are made for shade sails. Do not high pressure wash them.